Life is better in the company of others. The simple fact is that we were designed for relationship but live with an ever-increasing sense of isolation. Grace is a place to find friends who will help you along life's journey and have fun with you along the way. We intentionally create regular opportunities to make new connections, whether in-between our services at The Bridge or at our scheduled connect events. Choosing to make a connection is up to you - we never force the issue - but we are pretty confident you will be glad you did.

The Bridge

The Bridge is where we connect with one another between the 9am and 11am Sunday services. We always have fresh coffee and hot cider! On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month you can also pick up a delicious baked treat.

So stay a little later after the 9am service, or pop in a little early for the 11am service. Let's connect!


Facebook is where the conversation continues throughout the week.  Our main page, "Grace Church Federal Way", is where you'll find up to date events and time-sensitive announcements. Ladies, join us on the "Grace Sisterhood" page – a closed group where we share prayer requests and life together. Moms, join us on the closed "Grace Church Moms Connect" page. Our moms enjoy connecting for impromptu play dates and other kid-friendly events. Men, join us on the "Grace Men's Events" page to stay up to date and connected.