As a Christian, it's important for us to learn how to GROW. The Bible tells us that God intends for us not to stay the same but to become all that He desires for us to be (Hebrews 6:1). People in this stage are “growing” in their understanding and application of God’s Word, “growing” in Christian character and “growing” in their relationships with one another - moving out of isolation and into community.

Lectio Divina Journal Plan

Trying to study the Bible and having a hard time getting a start? Let us help! Join Pastor Omar and others as we utilize the Lectio Divina Journal to enrich our times in God's Word. Lectio Divina is about developing an intimate relationship with God by reading, listening, and praying the Scriptures that have been given to us. 


Why practice Lectio Divina?

We are hoping to hear God's voice and do God's will, to move from simply attaining information and move toward a communion with God that is transformative. This means we are listening for the voice of God, communicated through the Scriptures and revealed by the Spirit (source: 


How does Lectio Divina Work?

First, you listen with the heart to the text of the Bible for what God seems to be speaking through the text. The classical form of Lectio Divina includes four elements - "elements not marching in precise formation but one calling forth another and then receding to give place to another: none in isolation from the others." 

These four elements are;

  1. Reading of [Lectio]
  2. Reflecting On [Meditatio]
  3. Responding To [Oratio]
  4. Resting In [Contemplatio]


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