Looking for a place to connect with other guys? Our men's ministry is about creating opportunities for guys to get together and grow together in their walk with Jesus.

Men’s Events for 2019-2020

Saturday, 9/14 Men’s Breakfast 

10/4 – 10/6 Men’s Retreat

Saturday, 11/9 Men’s Game Day/Potluck @ the church

Saturday, 3/14 Men’s Bowling and Mini-Golf

Saturday, 4/18 Men’s Breakfast 

Saturday, 6/20 Men’s BBQ 

Men’s Discipleship

In the fall of 2019, we’re encouraging all guys to plug into our Life Groups. Then in the winter (late January) we will be launching a Men’s Discipleship Study, so stay tuned.


Many men struggle with temptation. Sometimes it feels like more than just an occasional struggle and more like a never-ending battle. It’s made all the worse by easy access to pornography and other inappropriate imagery, and by pop culture’s condoning view of it as “just part of being a guy”. This is a lie! If you have struggled with personal purity for any length of time, our confidential Pure Desire group is an effective method to help you work to understand and overcome this struggle. Contact Will Bentley for more information by emailing

Curriculum: Seven Pillars of Freedom, and Conquer Series

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